Sunshine BeachThe problem with blogging is that if you wander around all day talking to yourself – as I do – you don’t actually feel the need to write things down, to get them out of your head. You’ve already babbled them out all day, all over the guinea pigs, the washing, knitting, cookie baking and your whole world is a like an ongoing conversation with yourself. And I meditate a lot. Mostly to shut myself up for a little while.

wombatbond.jpgAnyway, we’ve been recovering from the school holidays. It’s funny how much noise and chaos two small boys bring with them. We did all the usual holiday things: trip to the seaside (ooh, what fun to finally be able to say that, I feel like an Enid Blyton character. If only there had been donkeys there), visiting orphan wombats, making things, bike riding, movie watching. The house is amazingly quiet without them, it’s full and echoing with their non-presence.

Knitting update: Still wrestling with that damn mitten; in the meantime I have knit two wrist warmers (unsatisfactory) and started a neck thing which is deeply, deeply wonderful. I’ll show you it when it’s done.

Rest of the Internet Update: Born, Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow. Wonderful name, no?