At the end of the day, you have to keep a blog, so you can make friends and keep in touch with the friends you already have, on this here internet-thing. Some of my dearest, dearest friends, though I may never see them, were found here on this computer (or its predecessor, my precious old machine, that ran win95 and never crashed or did anything weird its entire life)(not that this one is any less lovely, and this one has butterfly stickers stuck on its monitor and case) and it’s a funny thing, how people live in your heart, whether it’s yesterday or ten years since you spoke or held hands. No internet presence is like never leaving your house. How are you going to keep in touch with people, and be inspired and touched and amused if you sit in a darkened room with your hands over your ears?


On the other hand, the internet is a different place than it once was. I have a lot of happy memories about sending emails to interesting people, more or less at random, and making friendly little connections with people I would never otherwise meet. It was charming, and mutually happy making, these relaxed little contacts, and we’d all smile happily, and keep in touch, or not, and wasn’t it nice? But now, people are strange. I blame aol. Nowadays, you send along an email to say ‘hey, nice *thing that you do*! Thank you for enriching the internet with your awesome and interesting *thing that you do*!’ and it merits no response. Even from people who state on their own blog how rude and inconsiderate other people are, unmannerly and thoughtless! Hilarious. But people do things differently these days. The internet is a more tightly prescribed place. Connections are made in recognised connection place, like blogs and fora; and if you don’t find a forum that fits you, or if you’re uncomfortable posting smarmy comments on people’s blog, you are going to freak out the locals if you contact them all free-range, because that’s not how the internet works for these people, as nice as they might seem, and there’s more of them now, and everything is changing to suit them.