Which is good and bad: good because wow, look at how many more hours a day has when you wake up at five o’clock, and bad because wow, look at how many more hours a day has when you wake up at five o’clock.

I’m enjoying the early hours. I take the dog for a lurch around town, leaving an aural trail of wildly barking dogs behind us, make better breakfasts (today: banana smoothy, toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches), get in some hardcore internet trawling, do a little more housework. By afternoon, however, I’m falling asleep in front of the computer, but delighted to find myself tired at bedtime, instead of hitting some kind of nocturnal energy zone, able to power on, until I try to wake up the next day, exhausted and wan.

I have been making soap. I’m very boring about it. B will ask me what I’m thinking about, as I slump, expressionless, eyes unfocused, and what I’m thinking about is endless streams of “…so, infuse the sunflower oil with carrots, that should work, and I wonder if I should get some of that pumpkin seed butter, zomg, so awesome, and what else is orange?, maybe that’s enough orange, must get Beth’s juicer off her, and get my oils from the post office, is B going to the shops tonight? must have lanolin, vegetable oils are so mid ’90s, unless I can work out how to get that great marzipan fragrance….” and so on.

While searching for marzipan scents, I found this in a description of a perfume: an imaginary flower in the heart notes. The perfume in question is Kenzo Power, so I’ll be trying to nab a sample of that somewhere, but doesn’t it make you wonder? What would the imaginary flower in your heart note look like? Smell like?