I’ve just been on a crazy book buying frenzy. I LOVE eBay. I’ve had my fair share of near misses, and crooked sellers, but holy horses, when I can buy a used book from the UK for far, far less than it would cost here what’s a girl to do? I bought: Titus Groan by Mervyn Peake, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, Thomas Lux New and Selected Poems, House of the Scorpian by Nancy Farmer and Emergence by David Palmer. The latter two are for my thirteen year old who is a voracious reader, and whose pitiful cries of “I don’t have anything to read!” moved me to act, in sympathy. I know all too well the pain of nothing to read (which is why there’s books for me, too). I bought two Shakespeare movies too: Baz thingo’s Romeo + Juliet, and the Hamlet with Ethan Hawke.

Like a Wide Anvil From the Moon the Light
By Thomas Lux
Like a wide anvil from the moon the light
on the cold radiator and all the windows in a row
along the spine close–zeroes winding tight.
And to make the rattlesnakes feel at home?
A private cactus farm. There’s not an eek’s chance
of getting out of here. Some apples, bruised,
mute, are nailed back to their branches,
and the south wind–low, hot ash–cruises
through a crook in the apple tree’s trunk.
The dirt, not known for its tenderness, on its knees
somewhat, and one munificent ant carries a crumb
to the crumbless. Every pond on earth agrees:
they are tired of being dragged–all those hooks–
for drowned children. All this beneath
the ceaseless lineage of comets! Books
help a little: groan-soaked, one broken etc. thief,
tree surgeons lost above tree lines,
chasmed sidewalks, a hatful of blanks,
sore-got ore….Yes!–it does feel exactly fine
crawling ashore, emptying the boots of water, and frankly
here’s to clouds the color of bone,
here’s to the indecipherable path home,
here’s to the worm’s sweat in the loam….