Every five or ten years or so, I look back (five or ten years) and shudder at how stupid I was five or ten years ago. Do you do that? It’s nice to think that I/we get smarter and more authentic with passing time, but also horrifying to think that my/your past is 98% embarrassing, and 2% grudging acceptance. Diary writing and blogging are like that too. Does your voice always sound weird to you, too? The blogs I most enjoy reading always sound immediate, authentic, fresh. It’s something to aspire to.

I had a baby! Ages ago. She’s just about eight months old. This is what she looks like.

She was mistaken for a boy in this outfit, can you believe it?


We called her Zoe. She’s very full on, and very wonderful.
She likes yoghurt a LOT


Thankyou Jalna. She likes Jalna just like her big brother did, THIRTEEN years ago. But where is swiss custard flavour gone? For shame.

So that’s the big exciting news. The rest is pretty dull. I’m still making soap – a lot of soap – and lip balms and stuff; and of course it’s bulb buying time, and I’m thrilled to say I have fritillaries and galanthuseseses this year. I’m also secretly putting in some trillium for a Springtime surprise for the Canadian. We’re cooking a lot. He thinks he might have some kind of blood sugar/diabetes thing so we’re doing a lot more low GI stuff, which suits me because now we’re eating a lot more vegies and whole grains, thank dog. Other kids are good. I spend almost every waking moment knitting or playing with the baby.

What are you up to?