I really love mohair, especially kid mohair, and especially when it is spun very fine and is like a whisper soft cobweb of warmth and softness. Often, mohair is spun with acrylic, which gives it a great deal of strength, but always seems to make the resulting yarn rather scratchy once knitted. On the skein, it’s very nice, like the skein of Sirdar Blur I bought last week which was like a lovely blue kitten until I swatched it, when suddenly it turned nasty, and just like the mohair blend yarn I bought last year, unwearable. The solution is to buy better quality yarns, ones that are spun with merino, or silk for strength. I have a skein of something mohairy by Anny Blatt floating around, which breaks every twenty centimetres or so: the only mohair yarn I have been completely happy with is Jo Sharp’s, and until now I’ve been hesitant to fork out the cash.

Craft was nice this week, if quiet: only two of us in attendance, I don’t know what happened to everyone else. Some crossed wireage, for the most part. Still, we had a nice time: lunch was very good, and the company delightful. I mean my friend, not that she found my company delightful. Although I really am rather delightful, when I make the effort.

I’m carefully not mentioning my bad news. I alluded faintly to my pregnancy in previous entries, but I have to now say that that pregnancy ended this week. We’re very sad, and rather battered, but we’ll be alright. I don’t think either of us are actually mourning a lost child, and really, I wasn’t very far along, certainly not time to attach our vague baby plans (some names, some knitting, ideas about a crib) to this actual pregnancy as an actual individual, but we did dream, gently, cautiously, about what this child might be like, when it would be born. Life goes on though.


I came to this realisation later in life than most, and I blame the meatheaded boys I went to highschool with for poisoning the water, but now I have Led Zeppelin fever. I’m listening to Kashmir right now!

To answer your question, Ingrid, we do whatever we’re doing. We’ve done some talking about doing a bit of charity crafting, but for the most part, everyone brings whatever they’re working on, and we craft in close proximity, eat lunch, and natter. It’s very nice.

What I do is knit, of course, endless new projects that I flit to and from each week (last week: baby clothes; week before: mitten for Anne), except when I embroider, but I don’t have any embroidery on the go, because I am knititng for the baby! and no other project seems as appealing as nice little woolly things. Speaking of which, while I was buying yarn yesterday (which was way more fun than usual, because I have been on a poverty induced yarn diet) there was a chick in the store who was buying stuff to make cloths to wipe up baby vomit. Yes. No mother would spend hard won crafting time on such a thing, would she? Would she? I certainly didn’t. I bought new washers for this purpose, or cloth nappies if there was a lot to wipe, can you image edging something with ribbon, to wipe up the spew? And then she had the temerity to make snide comments about the yarn I was buying!

Craft last week was a bit on the dull side, to be frank, because we seem to be shedding members. Just three of us, and one of us is my friend I see a lot of already, the other is a noisy woman who is nice, but goodness, loud all the time and it’s wearing after a bit, and the other was me. And I have my moments, but really I’m looking to spend time with people I like and don’t always see. I sent off an email this morning to someone to find out if there’s a reason she hasn’t been coming: I suspect the noisy woman is part of the reason, which will suck, because once you start hinting to people they aren’t welcome, you might as well stop altogether. Lunch was dire, utterly flavourless pumpkin soup. Effie was on her way to a girls weekend showing dogs and eating too much, so we didn’t see too much of her, except to discover that she has nine basenjis and a pair of idiot foxhounds, And breeds pigs. Aren’t people endlessly interesting?

This is going to be a bumper multi-media entry. You’d better go and make a cup of tea.

First up, this is what late Autumn misty mornings look like here (if you are at dog level in our back 1/3, looking east)(and are the husband, he who took this picture):
and this is the mitten I am currently knitting for one of my lovely mother-in-laws (the charmingly named Bird in Hand mitten)(very definitely worth two in the bush):

* Went to craft group on Friday at our new venue, the Other Pub (there are two, as well as a sports club, all serving alcohol and doing very nicely too, in this town with a population of 400. Do Australians have a problem with drinking? No mate, no trouble at all) where we had shepherds pie (delicious) and apple crumble (also delicious!) for dessert. Effie used the last of her own apples for the crumble and says that if we teach her to knit, she’ll teach us to shoot.

* Sometimes being pregnant is boring. I am about 9 weeks pregnant, and it is dull dull dull. Unlike thrillers and clever little entrees, pregnancy is better a bit boring, so I shouldn’t complain, but I wish I had something to talk about. The husband doesn’t wish to know the sex of the child, while I do, very much, as it will influence what I knit. This can’t end well.

*There is a mouse in the house. We’ve seen it a few times, and I can hear it now behind me, scruffling around. I am even more determined to cut holes in the floor so that the cats can access the upstairs (I miss kitties sleeping on the bed!) and avoid the dog, who cannot help but chase after them every single time he sees them. I’m not certain if he wants to eat them, or play, but they are having none of it, and hate him with a white hot passion.

* I made peanut butter cookies yesterday. They were delicious.

And I’m just uploading a funny little video, also taken by the husband, of a small and interesting frog. I’m uploading it to youtube, which is taking about ten zillion years, so while we’re waiting, maybe you can send me helpful thoughts to help me think of something to make for dinner to go beside little meatballs. Chips? Potato pancakes? We need easy, not drippy food that we can eat while slumped on the couch watching Lord of the Rings, on our inaugural Tuesday night movie night (because WoW goes down, and this is a nice chance for us to catch up on movies, which we all love, but mostly take too long for us country mice who must wake up at either 5, 6 or 6:30 am depending on day and person). Don’t movies sneak up on you? I have Beowulf and I Am Legend waiting downstairs for me, but I have Marie Antoinette on my mind, and will probably knit for the baby (I’m knitting this nice little kimono type thing, and can I add, if you are new to babies, that this shape is the easiest and quickest to get onto a baby, and very warm. Look for the ties relatively high on the chest like this one, not low, closer to the hem, for better staying on babyness. I had some French baby clothes for one of mine, and the underwear was all shaped like this, and so easy and wonderful I’m pining for it now. English and French babywear is the nicest, in my opinion)(Oh yes! I’m using some wool/silk stuff from NZ that is amazingly soft and smooth and squooshy) while I watch it and make notes for a review that I want to write.

~time passes~

Ugh. I’m going to publish this post and edit to add the video later, when it’s done uploading.

Bread from the supermarket, toasted, spread generously with homegrown homemade cherry jam. Yum yum.

My youngest sons were pretending to be me during the holidays, clumping around in my wellies, shouting: “I like boring shows!” “I like bread!”

At the end of the day, you have to keep a blog, so you can make friends and keep in touch with the friends you already have, on this here internet-thing. Some of my dearest, dearest friends, though I may never see them, were found here on this computer (or its predecessor, my precious old machine, that ran win95 and never crashed or did anything weird its entire life)(not that this one is any less lovely, and this one has butterfly stickers stuck on its monitor and case) and it’s a funny thing, how people live in your heart, whether it’s yesterday or ten years since you spoke or held hands. No internet presence is like never leaving your house. How are you going to keep in touch with people, and be inspired and touched and amused if you sit in a darkened room with your hands over your ears?


On the other hand, the internet is a different place than it once was. I have a lot of happy memories about sending emails to interesting people, more or less at random, and making friendly little connections with people I would never otherwise meet. It was charming, and mutually happy making, these relaxed little contacts, and we’d all smile happily, and keep in touch, or not, and wasn’t it nice? But now, people are strange. I blame aol. Nowadays, you send along an email to say ‘hey, nice *thing that you do*! Thank you for enriching the internet with your awesome and interesting *thing that you do*!’ and it merits no response. Even from people who state on their own blog how rude and inconsiderate other people are, unmannerly and thoughtless! Hilarious. But people do things differently these days. The internet is a more tightly prescribed place. Connections are made in recognised connection place, like blogs and fora; and if you don’t find a forum that fits you, or if you’re uncomfortable posting smarmy comments on people’s blog, you are going to freak out the locals if you contact them all free-range, because that’s not how the internet works for these people, as nice as they might seem, and there’s more of them now, and everything is changing to suit them.

Sunshine BeachThe problem with blogging is that if you wander around all day talking to yourself – as I do – you don’t actually feel the need to write things down, to get them out of your head. You’ve already babbled them out all day, all over the guinea pigs, the washing, knitting, cookie baking and your whole world is a like an ongoing conversation with yourself. And I meditate a lot. Mostly to shut myself up for a little while.

wombatbond.jpgAnyway, we’ve been recovering from the school holidays. It’s funny how much noise and chaos two small boys bring with them. We did all the usual holiday things: trip to the seaside (ooh, what fun to finally be able to say that, I feel like an Enid Blyton character. If only there had been donkeys there), visiting orphan wombats, making things, bike riding, movie watching. The house is amazingly quiet without them, it’s full and echoing with their non-presence.

Knitting update: Still wrestling with that damn mitten; in the meantime I have knit two wrist warmers (unsatisfactory) and started a neck thing which is deeply, deeply wonderful. I’ll show you it when it’s done.

Rest of the Internet Update: Born, Poesy Emmeline Fibonacci Nautilus Taylor Doctorow. Wonderful name, no?